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Playlist for Saturday, January 19, 2019
Casa de Casa
Time Artist Song Title Album Label
3:00 AM Show Start Talk
3:08 AM Air Liqiude kniffle fragen
3:10 AM Workls Toi(Boris Brejcha Mix)
3:14 AM Pig & Dan Chemistry
3:22 AM Kollective Turnstrasse Jupiter Sunrise
3:26 AM Xplore silver liquide
3:39 AM black mamba africa
3:42 AM Acen Androids Who dream
3:57 AM Randall Jones With My Friends
4:02 AM UPC vs. Black Sabbath War Pigs
Pe-Te's Cajun Bandstand
Time Artist Song Title Album Label
6:00 AM Show Start Talk
6:15 AM Steve Riey Between Eunice &Opelousas La Toussaint Rounder
6:20 AM Courtney Granger Les Blues de Cadien Balfa Rounder
6:24 AM Lis Trahan Louisiana Aces Special Tose Shoes LT
6:28 AM Courtney Granger Le Two step des Fest Acad Balfa Rounder
6:39 AM Mack Wseman Jimmy Brown OLDS
6:46 AM Wayne Toups Past D&R
6:50 AM Robert Jardell Eunice Two Step Pure Cajun Swallow
6:54 AM Leroy Thomas Mnkey &Baboon Monkey &Baboon TR
6:58 AM Bayou Roux Veuve de la Coulee Another Taste Ranch
7:10 AM Jo el Sonnier Le Danse de Mardi Gras Cajun Green Hill
7:14 AM Walor Thibodeaux My baby Don t Wear no draws In Jackson Square SS
7:19 AM Jo el Sonnier Went the Saint Marching in Cajun Green Hill
7:24 AM Camey Doucet Man on the Road Side Mom Im still your baby Boy FDD
7:27 AM Forest Huval Allons A Lafayette FH fh
7:32 AM Forest Huval La Valse d Ecrevisse FH FH
7:43 AM Monica Mann Old White Joe Mixed Cudd
7:45 AM Larry Galtin Midnght Choir Galtin Brother LG
7:47 AM Carriere Brother Blues A Bebe LaLa MdS
7:58 AM Ed Gary Les Traces de Mon Boggie Cajun Lanor
8:01 AM Steve Riley BonReve Bon Reve Rounder
8:03 AM Lawtell Playboys Baby don t go LaLa MdS
8:06 AM Jesse Lege Corina Right Comb Valcour
8:08 AM Jim Olivier Play Cajun Man Collection Swallow
8:11 AM Jamie Bergeron that butt thing garde pas ca TSR
8:13 AM John Dubois La Valse de Kaplan
8:23 AM Wilfred Chavis Wilfred Bogie Zydeco MTE
8:30 AM Jim Olivier Marriage on Rocks Collectin Swallow
8:32 AM Paul Daigle Waltz of Life Gold Swallow
8:43 AM Beau Jocque Give him Corn bread Zydeco Rounder
8:43 AM Paul Daigle Short Dress Gold Swallow
8:43 AM Doug Kershaw Bosco Stomp Two step Fever SQ
8:43 AM Jo el Sonnier Tu Peaux Congne Legacy TR
8:43 AM Hunter Hays BayouTech French juicypear
8:45 AM o el Sonnier Mama Two Step Legacy TR
8:49 AM Wayne Toups Take my Hand TOUPS New Blues
8:51 AM Jimmy C Newman In My Arms Cajun TYNE
8:54 AM Rosie Ledet My Toot Toot I M A Woman MdS
8:55 AM Cajun Aces Mathilda Road Back LANOR
8:56 AM Travis Matte La Dancse des Mardi Grs Cajun mp
8:56 AM Jimmy Davis YOU ARE MY Sunshine Hits
8:58 AM Les Ames Louisianaises Amazing Grace La Musique LL
Lone Star Jukebox
Time Artist Song Title Album Label
9:00 AM Show Start Talk
9:01 AM Lefty Frizzell Shine Shave Shower A Proper Introduction Proper Records
9:04 AM George Jones Wild Irish Rose It Don't Get Any Better Than This MCA Records
9:10 AM Nick Lowe The Beast In Me The Impossible Bird Upstart Records
9:11 AM Juan Gabriel Have You Ever Seen The Rain? Gracias Al Sol Concord Records
9:13 AM Augie Meyers The Pain Of Her Leaving Augie Meyers Country El Sendero Records
9:19 AM Rodriguez A Most Disgusting Song Coming Fron Reality Sussex Records
9:21 AM Texas Tornados Is Anybody Goin' To San Antone Zone Of Our Own Reprise Records
9:24 AM Pistol Annies Best Years Of My Life Interstate Gospel Sony Records
9:31 AM Augie Meyers Go Down To Mexico My Freeholies El Sendero Records
Spare Change
Time Artist Song Title Album Label
Time Artist Song Title Album Label
Irish Aires
Time Artist Song Title Album Label
Bailando en Tejas
Time Artist Song Title Album Label
Sound Awake
Time Artist Song Title Album Label
Time Artist Song Title Album Label