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Playlist for Monday, May 28, 2018
Time Artist Song Title Album Label
12:00 Midnight Show Start Talk
Time Artist Song Title Album Label
1:00 AM Show Start Talk
1:01 AM D.R.I. You Definition Rotten
1:03 AM Iron Reagan Take the Fall Gatecrasher/ Iron Reagan split 12"ep Relapse
1:06 AM Saint Ripper Blinded Jump On the Tiger ep self released
1:08 AM Ministry We're Tired of It AmeriKKKant Nuclear Blast
1:13 AM Gwar The Sordid Soliloquy of Sawborg Destructo The Blood of Gods Metal Blade
1:16 AM Broken Spirit Not What It Seems Vultures and Pigs Last Hour
1:19 AM Capitol Punishment Elephant Man When "Putsch" Comes To Shove 12"ep Stage Dive
1:22 AM M.D.C. Mein Trumpf Mein Trumpf Primordial
1:26 AM Buckethead Jowls Monsters and Robots CyberOctive
1:30 AM Inhalent 1 Inhalent ep self released
1:32 AM Active Minds The True Theory of Relativity The Age of Mass Distraction Looney Tunes
1:36 AM Will Haven Hewed With the Brand Muerte Minus Head
1:39 AM The Fair Sex Frantic (Dare To Run) Machine Bites Van Richter
1:45 AM Legion Of Parasites Promises Undesirable Guests 12"ep Fight Back
1:47 AM Gutter Staged Gutter Build Me a Bomb
1:49 AM PBK Eyelids Closed, As In a Dream The Toil and the Reap ep ND
1:56 AM Rotten Sound Privileged Suffer To Abuse ep Season of Mist
2:04 AM Mammoth Grinder Superior Firepower Cosmic Crypt Relapse
2:07 AM All Pigs Must Die Moral Purge Hostage Animal Southern Lord
2:08 AM Totalitär Trygghet För De Rika Ni Måste Bort! Finn
2:10 AM Unseen Terror Garfield Strikes Again Human Error Earache
2:11 AM 16 Beat My Head Against the Wall CvltNation Sessions My War compilation Cvlt Nation
2:15 AM Earth Crisis Provoke Slither Victory
2:19 AM Front 242 Tyranny For You (12" mix) Tyranny For You 12" Wax Trax
2:24 AM Intense Degree Null Zone War In My Head Earache
2:26 AM Offensive Mindset Legacy Ayotzinapa self released
2:29 AM Fudge Tunnel Sunshine of Your Love hate Songs In E Minor Earache
2:37 AM X-Ray Spex Oh Bondage! up Yours! Oh Bondage! up Yours! 7" Virgin
2:40 AM G.B.H. No News Momentum Hellcat
2:43 AM Asexuals Be What You Want Be What You Want First Strike
2:45 AM N.O.T.A. Propaganda Control N.O.T.A. Rabid Cat
2:48 AM Anatomy Hunting Song Anatomy 7"ep self released
2:51 AM Whitehouse Lightning Struck My Dick Halogen Susan Lawly
2:55 AM Tongue Party Clocktower Looking For a Painful Death Learning Curve
Wide Open Spaces
Time Artist Song Title Album Label
Americana Cafe
Time Artist Song Title Album Label
Blues in HiFi
Time Artist Song Title Album Label
Time Artist Song Title Album Label
Tennyson's Tape Deck
Time Artist Song Title Album Label
The Colonel Shaggy Show
Time Artist Song Title Album Label
The Groove
Time Artist Song Title Album Label