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Playlist for Monday, March 27, 2017
Time Artist Song Title Album Label
12:00 Midnight INTRO
12:04 AM Ella Fitzgerald Perdido First Lady of Song Verve
12:13 AM Tish Oney For Sentimental Reasons Forever Friend DTG
12:16 AM Ella Fitzgerald It Don't Mean a Thing First Lady of Song Verve
12:19 AM Mama K & the Shades Hot Honey Made self
12:23 AM Bud Powell Just One of Those Things Best Of Verve
12:40 AM David Sanborn Don't Let Me Be Lonley Tonight Closer Verve
12:46 AM Jeff Coffin Outside, the Gray Sky Cries Commonality Compass
12:51 AM Jimmy Smith Midnight Special The Incredible Jimmy Smith Blue Note
1:03 AM Jimmy Smith Only in it for the Money dot com blues Blue Thumb
1:13 AM Arturo Sandoval I Can't Get Started Trumpet Evolution Columbia
1:18 AM Tito Puente Shing-a-Ling Rough Guide World Music Network
1:20 AM Arturo Sandoval Romantico My Passion for the Piano Columbia
1:29 AM Tito Puente Varsity Drag Mambo Dance Mania RCA
1:30 AM Arturo Sandoval The Real McBop Live at the Blue Note Half Note
1:39 AM John McLaughlin My Foolish Heart Thieves & Poets Verve
1:45 AM Kenny Burrell Midnight Blue Midnight Blue Blue Note
1:49 AM Charlie Christian Honeysuckle Rose Genius of the Electric Guitar Columbia
1:52 AM John McLaughlin Take the Coltrane After the Rain Verve
2:01 AM Tiamat Too Far Gone Judas Christ Century Media
2:05 AM Assemblage 23 Document Document single Accession
2:10 AM Ozzy Osbourne No More Tears No More Tears Epic
2:17 AM Apoptygma Berzerk Black Pawn You And Me Against The World Metropolis
2:22 AM Eminem The Real Slim Shady The Marshall Mathers LP Aftermath
2:26 AM Moby We Are All Made of Stars 18 Mute
2:29 AM
Time Artist Song Title Album Label
2:30 AM Show Start Talk
2:31 AM Intent To Injure Red Alert Keep Us Strong 7"ep Overkill
2:33 AM Raw Power Power Screams From the Gutter Toxic Shock
2:35 AM Brain Slug Checkmate Live In Power Just A Audial
2:36 AM Good Throb Scum Good Throb 7"ep La Vida Es Un Mus
2:38 AM The Drafted Blastrodome Chemical Alley Discharge Goober
2:40 AM Korrosive Schizophrenia Syövytt¤vä Laji 7"ep Distort Reality
2:43 AM Lustmord Heresy 1 Heresy Soleilmoon
2:51 AM Rixe Tenter Le Diable Baptême Du Feu 7"ep La Vida Es Un Mus
2:53 AM Belgrado Kulminacja Oddzielenia Obraz La Vida Es Un Mus
2:57 AM Upright Citizens Cyclone Open Eyes, Open Ears, Brains To Think & a Mouth To Speak BYO
3:00 AM Chron Gen Lies Puppets of War 7"ep Gargoyle
3:02 AM Kiss It Goodbye Target Practice Target Practice 7" Revelation
3:07 AM Optimum Wound Profile Incision Lowest Common Denominator Roadrunner
3:12 AM Warkrime Bombs Away Get Loose No Way
3:14 AM Graf Orlock Dead Man Talking Los Angeles 7"ep Vitriol
3:17 AM Voice Crack Choice Infra_Red Uhlang
3:23 AM Voidfiller Behind the Walls Voidfiller Scream
3:25 AM Extreme Noise Terror Only In It For The Music Pt. 27 (Black Putrefaction) Extreme Noise Terror Agipunk
3:27 AM Today Is The Day The Russian Child Porn Ballet In the Eyes of God Relapse
3:29 AM Snapcase Energy Dome Designs For Automotion Victory
3:31 AM Cradle Of Filth Beneath the Howling Stars Cruelty and the Beast Mayhem
3:39 AM Deadlock Emptiness Name the Beast Dodo
3:40 AM Koro Acid Casualty Koro 7"ep self released
3:41 AM Fried Egg Eggshells Delirium 7"ep Negative Jazz
3:44 AM G.G.F.H. Disease Disease Peaceville
3:52 AM Deadguy The Extremist Fixation On a Coworker Victory
3:54 AM Pharmakon Natural Order Contact Sacred Bones
4:00 AM X Marks The Pedwalk (God Takes a) Photograph Danger 12"ep Zoth Omog
4:03 AM Bulemia Banquet Digger the Dog Eat Fats Die Young Flipside
4:05 AM Dysrhytmia Let You Fall No Interference Translation Loss
4:11 AM PMS 84 Last Laugh Easy Way Out Discos Enfermos
4:13 AM Video Filth Violent Struggle Video Filth 7"ep Nightrider
4:16 AM Black Uniforms Sacrifice Faces of Death Hardcore Horror
4:21 AM Sins Of The Flesh Discretion Sins of the Flesh Street
4:22 AM Macabre Mr. Albert Fish (Was Children Your Favorite Dish) Grim Reality Decomposed
4:25 AM Sepultura Escape To the Void Schizophrenia Roadrunner
4:29 AM Corrosion Of Conformity Broken Will Eye For An Eye No Core
4:31 AM Confrontation Contortion Dead Against the War 7"ep Tribal War
4:33 AM Concealed Blade Future Killers Concealed Blade Beach Impediment
4:35 AM Sunshine Ward Order Order 12"ep Feral Ward
4:37 AM Mihoen! Bush Bush Mihoen!/ Sick Terror split &'ep UPS
4:38 AM No Milk On Tuesday Polyester Pigs No Milk On Tuesday 7"ep Spoiled
4:39 AM Middlefinger Alive With Hormoes 3 Martini Lunch self released
4:41 AM Cancerous Growth Something I Don't Need Late For the Grave 12"ep Acxtion
4:44 AM Zygote Motion A Wind of Knives MCR
4:49 AM Bile My Generation The Copy Machine Bile
4:52 AM Misfits Where Eagles Dare Legacy of Brutality Plan 9
4:54 AM Pleased Youth Being Alive Dangerous Choo-Choo Buy Our Records
4:57 AM
Economic Update
Time Artist Song Title Album Label
Wide Open Spaces
Time Artist Song Title Album Label
Music Without Borders
Time Artist Song Title Album Label
Blues in HiFi
Time Artist Song Title Album Label
Jazz Latino
Time Artist Song Title Album Label
The Groove
Time Artist Song Title Album Label